Proven Efficacy

POWERFUL BLEEDING CONTROL Prophylaxis With NUWIQ Markedly Reduced Bleeding Frequency2

In Clinical Trials of Standard Prophylaxis With NUWIQ in Adult (N=32) and Pediatric (N=59) Patients Treated for ≥6 Months2*

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Fewer Bleeding Episodes with Prophylaxis Treatment with NUWIQ

Prophylaxis treatment with NUWIQ was shown in studies to be effective for reducing the frequency of bleeding in adults and children with severe hemophilia A5

Reduction in Mean ABR in Adults and Children

Prophylaxis Treatment with NUWIQ in Adults

in a study with 32 adults treated with prophylaxis for 6 months or more5 (median Annual Bleed Rate (ABR) was 0.9)

Prophylaxis treatment with NUWIQ in Children

in a study with 59 children treated with prophylaxis for 6 months or more5 (median Annual Bleed Rate (ABR) was 1.9)

On-Demand Treatment Readily Controlled Bleeding2

effective bleeding resolution

NUWIQ Factor VIII Half-Life

Studies that were done to measure the mean (average) half-life of NUWIQ showed the following6

in Adults & Adolescents

in Children
Ages 6 - 12

in Children
Ages 2 - 5

NUWIQ has high binding affinity to VWF2

  • Von Willebrand Factor (VWF) is another coagulation factor and has a naturally long half-life2
  • This means that it stays in the body for a long time and is available to help the blood clot when it’s needed
  • FVIII can benefit from this long half-life by staying in the body longer if it binds strongly to VWF8
  • The longer the FVIII can remain in the body, the longer it can be available to help the blood to clot

Personalized prophylaxis has the potential to improve care and enable fewer infusions

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