Patient Testimonials - Experience with NUWIQ

Meet Edgar Martinez, a community advocate and football coach.

Edgar Martinez’s experience with moderate Hemophilia A is not exactly typical. The 31-year-old community advocate and football coach had symptoms at a very young age, but was not diagnosed until he was 10. Read what Edgar has to say about his journey and experience with NUWIQ.
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I’ve always been active, but I couldn’t see any particular reason for the continued bleeding. I reached out to Octapharma and received valuable information on the product. I learned about the science behind NUWIQ® and I also reviewed the data on its clinical safety and effectiveness.

Edgar Martinez

Meet Chris Ingram, an active father with severe Hemophilia A.

Chris is an active father of two small children and thankful for the reliability he gets from NUWIQ. Learn why Chris chose NUWIQ.
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I love NUWIQ®. I’ve been infusing every other day—usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I used to get joint bleeds, but since starting on NUWIQ® I’ve had no real issues and I don’t feel sore. Over the last 3 years, I’ve discontinued use of 3 different products. I’m tired of switching—NUWIQ® is working for me.

Chris Ingram

Find out if NUWIQ is the right choice for your Hemophilia A treatment

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