A Natural Choice

Expressed in a human cell line.
B-domain deleted.
No chemical modifications.

Previously Treated Patients (PTPs)

PTPs can benefit from the safety and bleed protection

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Previously Untreated Patients (PUPs)

The NuProtect clinical trial is studying the safety and effectiveness of NUWIQ in over 100 PUPs with severe
Hemophilia A.

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Free Trial

A great opportunity for Hemophilia A patients and their providers to experience the safety, effectiveness, and convenience of NUWIQ
at no cost.

Co-Pay Assistance

The Octapharma Co-Pay Assistance Program can provide savings on some of the costs associated
with your treatment.

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NUWIQ has been a game changer for me. It fits in with my busy lifestyle. I'm totally confident that NUWIQ has me covered.

Edgar Martinez
Father and High School Football Coach/St. Augustine, FL
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